Specialized Industry GAAP - Entertainment

After reading this chapter you will be able to:

1.  Recognize the reporting requirements for network affiliation agreements.
2. Identify the accounting requirement for barter transactions in the broadcast industry.
3. Identify key terms and how to treat different cost for the cable TV industry.
4. Recognize the direct selling costs for cable television providers.
5. Recognize different film costs, including participation costs, exploitation costs, and manufacturing costs, and their accounting.
6. Recognize factors that should be used to estimate future cash flows for a film.
7. Identify conditions for recognizing music as an outright sale vs. a license.
8. Account for royalty payments to music artists.

Specialized Industry GAAP - Real Estate

This course discusses all of the important authoritative pronouncements on GAAP for this specialized industry. This course addresses accounting principles, financial reporting presentation requirements, required and recommended disclosures for real estate, title plant, and mortgage banking industries. 

After completing this course you should be able to:

1. Identify different lending agencies within the mortgage banking industry, 2. Recognize accounting issues for title plants, 3. Distinguish between retail land sales and other sales of real estate, 4. Recognize accounting treatment for real estate - such as full accrual method, installment method, and capitalization issues.